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Episode 12 The Hemlock Interview (Part 1)

July 5th, 2016


We met up with Hemlock, a METAL band out of Las Vegas on their final night on tour in San Diego. These guys were hilarious! They told some wild stories about being on the road, eating lots of Little Caesar's, and fun times in public restrooms.....yeah wait till you guys hear about the CONTRACT you'll die laughing!!! There was actually so much good stuff we had to make this a 2 part episode! Enjoy!!

Episode 11 The Rick Thorne Interview

June 21st, 2016


So Billy got a chance to interview Rick Thorne!!! He spoke to him about being a BMX LEGEND (you know how often we throw that word around...not at all), being called a sellout, riding with Justin Bieber, and staying positive about everything in the meantime!! Check it out comment and subscribe!!!

Episode 10 Time Travel, Harambe The Gorilla, The Stanford Rapist, & The Cops

June 7th, 2016


Ever heard of Comedians in Cars? Well that inspired this episode....except we are just 3 assholes talking about some of the current events. We are in a car though, which might explain the windy recording. So join us won't you as we talk about Harambe and the Stanford Rapist. I wish it was Harambe VS The Stanford Racist....that would be awesome! Enjoy!!

Episode 9 AdultCon with Olivia O’Lovely and Kink Doll XXX

May 24th, 2016


So last Sunday (May 15th) we went to AdultCon in Los Angeles and WOW did we have a good time! We spoke to Porn Legend Olivia O'Lovely about her return to AdultCon after 6 years, she also answered our random questions and shared some stories from her time in the industry as well as letting us know what she has been up to since she stepped away. 

We also spoke to Brooke and Blake Bennett, a perfectly nice couple who also just happen to be Adult Star Cam Models! They talked to us about what its like to be a couple in the industry. From editing to producing and distributing, they are doing it all their own way!!! 

So sit back, relax, and grab your tissues and lotion because this could get steamy....which is odd because the 3 of us recorded this episode driving home. (thats what all the background wind is LOL)


Episode 8 Facebook Fights

May 11th, 2016


Take a listen to what we think of Facebook Fights.

Episode 7 GnFnR, AX/DC and The loss of “The Purple One”

April 27th, 2016


So this has been an interesting few months to say the least Guns N Roses is touring again, Axl Rose is the new front man for AC/DC, and the "Celebri-Deaths" just keep adding up....."THE PURPLE ONE" has left the building!!! (Easter Eggs in a podcast? Yeah we got em! other words...listen to the end.) 

Episode 6 Vacations and Kidnappings

April 13th, 2016


Vacations and Kidnappings, yeah we have some interesting things to say.

Episode 5 A Bad Turd of Events Part POO!

March 29th, 2016


More stories about how the brown goes down.

Episode 4: A Bad Turd of Events

March 16th, 2016


Sometimes the brown goes down, but not the way we want it to.

Episode 3: From Caitlyn to O.J.

March 2nd, 2016


Caitlyn, the Kardashian's, & O.J. What more do we need to say? A lot more!

Episode 2: Sons of Anarchy vs Rocky Balboa

February 24th, 2016


Do you like Sons of Anarchy? Well Rudy (the bald guy) hated it. Listen and find out why.

Episode 1: Douchebags, Food, Music, and False Teeth

February 7th, 2016


3 friends talking about random topics in a raw format, let's be honest there isn't really a format. We use foul language and no one is safe during our chats. It's never too soon to make fun of any situation. 

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