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Episode 17 with Dan Palmer of Death By Stereo & Zebrahead

August 25th, 2016


Hey everyone we have a SPECIAL INTERVIEW for you today with Dan Palmer from Death By Stereo and Zebrahead! Thats right, we sat down with the man, the myth, the MUSTACHE at his studio in Fullerton, California to talk about the incidents at Warped Tour and Solar Hause, along with his slight fascination with Van Halen, and what its like to tour overseas! So get ready to rock!

Episode 16 Tony Curry Buck-O-Nine Interview

August 16th, 2016


So last episode we spoke to Buck-O-Nine frontman Jon Pebsworth and had a blast so when we got the opportunity to speak with the man behind the sweet trumpet sounds, Anthony "Tony" Curry, we jumped all over it! We were stoked because as he states in the interview he very rarely talks to press, so it meant the world to us. Especially since he was cool enough to welcome us into his home! We talked about tour life, crazy food experiences, playing Warped Tour with the Bosstones, the Miles Davis biopic "Miles Ahead", Barney loving acid trippers, and how not to be like Smash Mouth (aka a dick). So sit back and take a listen for some funny stories and good times!!! 

Episode 15 Interview with Jon Pebsworth from Buck-O-NINE

August 2nd, 2016


We got the opportunity to chat with Jon Pebsworth, the charismatic front-man for the San Diego based SKA band known as BUCK-0-NINE before the last show on their tour at the Hideout in San Diego. We asked him about life on the road and the future of the music business and what was next for the band. So pull out your "Twenty-Eight Teeth" album and put "My Town" on repeat because this is a good one!