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Episode 11 The Rick Thorne Interview

June 21st, 2016


So Billy got a chance to interview Rick Thorne!!! He spoke to him about being a BMX LEGEND (you know how often we throw that word around...not at all), being called a sellout, riding with Justin Bieber, and staying positive about everything in the meantime!! Check it out comment and subscribe!!!

Episode 10 Time Travel, Harambe The Gorilla, The Stanford Rapist, & The Cops

June 7th, 2016


Ever heard of Comedians in Cars? Well that inspired this episode....except we are just 3 assholes talking about some of the current events. We are in a car though, which might explain the windy recording. So join us won't you as we talk about Harambe and the Stanford Rapist. I wish it was Harambe VS The Stanford Racist....that would be awesome! Enjoy!!