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Episode 27 END OF THE YEAR BEST OF 2016

January 1st, 2017


Hey everyone! Well this year was full of crazy shit wasn't it!? Everybody died and a Cheeto is going to be in office Well we decided to give you guys a best of on the final day of the year full of stuff from our very first episode all the way through now! We hope you like it and it ends your year off with a laugh!!! See you fuckers next year!!!

Episode 26 The Return of Brian From Hemlock

December 13th, 2016


So a while back we sat in an alley in San Diego and talked with the Ridiculous 4.. A.K.A. Hemlock! Since then they have traveled the world and are back with some more crazy...and slightly disturbing stories. You won't want to miss this! So Join us and Brian Smith the amazing drummer of Hemlock at their homecoming show recorded on location at The Dive Bar (a place that truely lives up to its name) in Las Vegas!! Let's ROCK!!

Episode 25 Idol Worship, Elvis, and Led Zepplin

November 29th, 2016


Superfans or freaks? It really depends on just how far you are willing to go to support your favorite band. Some people take their love of bands to crazy degrees and when a superstar dies the world goes apeshit! We talk about some of the crazier things we've seen and some of the better concerts we've been to. We also touch on the recent case against Led Zepplin. Enjoy!

Episode 24 UFC 205 with Josh Leffler

November 15th, 2016


History has been made in the world of UFC, Connor McGregor now holds 2 tittles and couldn't be cockier! We sat down with Billy's cousin Josh Leffler (trainer and fighter) after UFC 205 to get a fighter's standpoint. He talked about the techniques of a fighter as well a a very interesting way to "cut weight" that will leave you speechless, so do NOT miss that! Hard hits, shit talking and even a few words from Connor himself. So LET'S GET READY TO RUMMMMMBBBBLLLLEEEE!!!! Sorry...had to be done.

Episode 23 Food Memories, and the Ashley Madison Phenomenon

November 2nd, 2016


So a couple of months ago the three of us sat around the old "Recording Studio" aka Terry's kitchen table and started rambling for about 4 hours. It felt good for us to just sit back and be "The Rant Pack" again. No special guests (unless you count us for riding in on the short bus),  just 3 guys, a mic, a few farts, and some good old fashioned shit talking! We talked about food and how it can bring back memories, both good and bad, while Rudy got made fun of for how he pronounces certain words. Somehow we got on the topic of the Ashley Madison scandal, and Terry did his best David Letterman impersonation with a very...."INTERESTING" Top 10. Get ready for some laughs!

Episode 22 “Comic Guru” TJ Shevlin is back for more!!!

October 18th, 2016


You ever listen to an interview that is so perfect that you don't know what to do with yourself? Well when Rudy was editing this episode with the very charismatic TJ Shevlin from the San Diego Comic Book Gallery, he started talking to himself and this is a direct quote. "Hey Self, this episode is perfect and if you cut anything from it you are not only messing with said perfection, you would also be doing a huge disservice to your audience." That being said this is a longer episode than we usually put out, but since we delve into some pretty serious topics we think you'll enjoy it! We talk about Suicide Squad, Batman V Superman, and the all new animated movie The Killing Joke in the only way we know letting someone smarter do it! 

Episode 21 TJ Shevlin from IDW’s San Diego Comic Art Gallery

October 4th, 2016


We had the opportunity to sit down with Mr. TJ Shevlin, the Gallery Manager of IDW's San Diego Comic Art Gallery located in Point Loma at Liberty Station. We talked about all the cool events the gallery has going on, San Diego Comic Con, Kevin Eastman and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and their jump into TV with their SyFy original show Wynonna Earp! We also talked about how much art (and comics, which are one in the same really) can immitates life and influence almost everything. From Opus to Star Trek and even The Simpson's, comics and cartoons can sometimes predict the future...both good and bad! So sit back and take a listen, and when you're done make sure you take a moment to rate, comment, and subscribe! Thanks for listening!


Episode 20 with Chan Kinchla of Blues Traveler

September 20th, 2016


So we were very fortunate to sit down with Chan Kinchla, the guitarist for the world renown Blues Traveler!!! We happened to get a few minutes of his time before he had to dash off to play an amazing set at Kaaboo Music Festival in Del Mar, California. We talked about him being in Blues Traveler for 30 years with his brother Tad (bassist for the band), touring all over, being a dad and of course we talked a little shit too! We really want to thank the powers that be for making that happen for us, so a big shout out to Lani Sarem aka the Girl Wonder, and her wonderful assistant Alyssa Foote from UD Factory as well as Omar Alverado for hooking us up with Chan the day of the show! We couldn't have done this without your help. I hope you all have as much fun listening to this as we did recording it!! As always, make sure you check us out on Stitcher, Itunes, Podbean and anywhere else you download podcasts from and be sure to rate comment and leave a review so we know you're out there!!! ROCK ON!!!

Episode 19 The KAABOO DEL MAR 2016 PRE-SHOW

September 13th, 2016


Here it is our pre-show for Kaaboo Del Mar 2016. This 3 day music event held in Del Mar, California is going to be jam packed ful of amazing Musicians, artist, chefs and more! Take a listen to find out who some of the lineup for what is sure to be the festival of the year! Don't forget to hit that subscribe button and you can click here to rate, comment and subscribe to us on itunes as well if you are so inclined! Make sure you go to Kaaboo's website here for a full lineup, prices and more! As always, THANKS FOR LISTENING!!!

Episode 18 Nick Kale (Former US Archery Team Member) Interview

September 6th, 2016


So with the Olympics a little over a few weeks past, we thought it would be a cool idea to interview Nick Kale. Nick was a former US Archery Team Memeber and is now an Event Coordinator for the Easton Archery center located in Chula Vista, California. We had a BLAST! he gave the three of us a tour of the facility followed by a private lesson. Hawkeye watch yourself, because we are coming for may take a number of years, but we're coming for you!.....AHEM.....sorry for going off on a tangent there.....had to be done.  ANYWHOO! We had a great time with this interview and we hope you will too! Check us out and don't forget to tell us what you think by commenting and don't forget to rate us everywhere!!!

Episode 17 with Dan Palmer of Death By Stereo & Zebrahead

August 25th, 2016


Hey everyone we have a SPECIAL INTERVIEW for you today with Dan Palmer from Death By Stereo and Zebrahead! Thats right, we sat down with the man, the myth, the MUSTACHE at his studio in Fullerton, California to talk about the incidents at Warped Tour and Solar Hause, along with his slight fascination with Van Halen, and what its like to tour overseas! So get ready to rock!

Episode 16 Tony Curry Buck-O-Nine Interview

August 16th, 2016


So last episode we spoke to Buck-O-Nine frontman Jon Pebsworth and had a blast so when we got the opportunity to speak with the man behind the sweet trumpet sounds, Anthony "Tony" Curry, we jumped all over it! We were stoked because as he states in the interview he very rarely talks to press, so it meant the world to us. Especially since he was cool enough to welcome us into his home! We talked about tour life, crazy food experiences, playing Warped Tour with the Bosstones, the Miles Davis biopic "Miles Ahead", Barney loving acid trippers, and how not to be like Smash Mouth (aka a dick). So sit back and take a listen for some funny stories and good times!!! 

Episode 15 Interview with Jon Pebsworth from Buck-O-NINE

August 2nd, 2016


We got the opportunity to chat with Jon Pebsworth, the charismatic front-man for the San Diego based SKA band known as BUCK-0-NINE before the last show on their tour at the Hideout in San Diego. We asked him about life on the road and the future of the music business and what was next for the band. So pull out your "Twenty-Eight Teeth" album and put "My Town" on repeat because this is a good one!

Episode 14 Comic Con 2016 SAN DIEGO!!!!

July 26th, 2016


Welcome to our very first COMIC CON PODCAST 2016 edition!!! Billy and Rudy got a chance to go and see all the madness! While we were there we got a chance to talk to San Diego native Chad Cavanaugh, who was experiencing his first con as an artist/comic book vendor. We also spoke to Nooligan a visual artist out of Sacramento, Noel Guglemi who has starred in over 40 movies including such hits as Fast & Furious, Training Day, and The Purge: Anarchy. We also got a quick moment with Kerry King from the thrash metal super group SLAYER!!! We also spoke to Jason Mewes "Jay" of Clerks and Jay & Silent Bob fame, but if you want to hear that interview you'll have to find us on Instagram! This was Rudy's (the bald guy) first Comic Con in 9 years, so sit back and come along for the ride!!! 

Episode 13 Part 2 of The Hemlock Interview

July 19th, 2016


Like we said in the last episode, our interview with Las Vegas METAL band HEMLOCK was just too big to pack into one show! So get ready for more "Fast Times at HEMLOCK High"!!! Ready? LET'S GO!!!

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